As a small company, we understand the importance of many non-profits and worthy causes. We also understand that there are many companies who are in support of fantastic goals!

As much as we would love to support every good cause, we simply cannot sponsor all of the requests that come our way, and as such we do not have any standing discounts at RockStar Passes to offer for non-profits or charitable events.

It is our mission to treat every customer, regardless their financial standing or label, with the same care and respect, irrespective the size of their order or their existing knowledge of the pass-ordering process. We also aim to make our prices as affordable as possible to everyone, every day, with the best customer support on the street.

If you are interested in placing an order with us, please consider using our online store front for pricing, or contacting us directly here.

We will be happy to find any ways possible to reduce production costs and make ordering as seamless and efficient as possible.

We'll look forward to hearing from you!